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Skull Island Skull Island. Our heart hurts when someone we love too much or even more is our blood – brother or sister is in trouble. If people are normal and had a memorable life and especially childhood together, than off course, we would feel very bad if something bad happens to our siblings. We would do anything possible to make him or her suffer less and get out of the deep problems. How would you feel if someone for example would kidnap your brother and you don’t know where he is in days? We believe that would be a real horror for you and your family.

In today game we are introducing you exactly with such a character. We are introducing a very worried sister of a man who is in big trouble. Virginia and her brother Peter were almost never separated. They are not twins, but grew up together in a small town in harmony. They are very much alike and that’s why they communicate very well among each other.

Now the young girl Virginia is very much worried and concerned about her brother’s life. And why? Her brother who is very close to her had a bad destiny. That is to tell, he was kidnapped by the utter pirates and has been taken to the Skull Island. That is the darkest place on that part of the world and it is pretty scary. That’s why, no one really chooses to go there. The marines believe that that island is the place where all the sailors have lost their lives, navigating the sea and fighting with the pirates. Virginia is determined to find out the truth about her brother and starts an investigation on the island. One has to be very brave to fight the pirates back, but when it comes to your brother or sister, than, there is nothing one wouldn’t do to safe life.

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