Sinister Spirits Game

Sinister Spirits Sinister Spirits. Nancy arrives in her birth town. It’s been more then twenty years since she has moved away from this place. She was little girl when her parents decided to find new life somewhere else. The reason for this decision were the bad spirits that appeared in their town and were looking for a revange. They startes terorizing local people.

Their goal was to convince people to go far and leave the place. Nancy’s goal in today’s game is to find out the reason why these evil spirits are doing this. Why do they want to chase away all the good people she grew up with since little?

Here you come on board, dear friends. We are sure you would do anything to resolve this puzzle, a problem that has been bothering this lady for two decades. For today we offer you a scary game, it is time for some thrills, don’t you think?

Sinister Spirits is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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