Simply Irresistible Game

Simply Irresistible Simply Irresistible. Meet Martha. Martha is a woman that appreciates love and romance and loves to celebrate them on different ways. She has a husband that she loves very much. They are together for a longer period of time, they have spent numerous wonderful moments together and she is accustomed to do everything with him. Maybe for some people this is nothing but for Martha this is a very big thing. Namely, her husband went on a trip from work in another town. They were separated for exactly two months and this is a lot of time for them because they haven’t been separated never before, or at least not that long.

That’s why this was one of the hardest periods in Martha’s life and she missed her husband very, very much.

However, those two months are over and Martha’s husband is coming back home today. Feeling very happy, Martha is preparing him a romantic welcome dinner that will also include his favorite cake. She also made his favorite meal and she wants to make the whole atmosphere very romantic so she is decorating the home at this moment. Because Martha’s husband will arrive every minute, you could help her finish the preparation and make sure everything is all right.

Simply Irresistible is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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