Shutter City Game

Shutter City Shutter City. Albert is a person that is really into mysterious cases. Maybe that couldn’t be a profession but it is his true dedication, something that he likes to spend time doing. He is always at the place when he hears that there is some mystery that can’t be explained by anyone. Albert is a really good logician and knows how to relate things so he often manages to see and figure out things that are not that obvious to regular people. He had luck to reveal few mysteries already, so he is on his way to solve another one.

Today Albert is in the abandoned city Peterborough, looking for the answer of the mystery why this city has become like this?! It is actually a long time mystery and no one could answer why the city has turned into a city of ghosts, where are all the citizens, why there isn’t even a trace of them?!

Rumors say everything, that it could be some epidemic, that it was an invasion of aliens… and many other things but Albert doesn’t rely on anything, he likes to start the investigation on his own and start searching with clear mind.

Shutter City is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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