Shrine of Hearts Game

Shrine of Hearts Shrine of Hearts. We all like more love in the world, believing that it will make the world better place for living and yes, there is so much love around us. On the other hand, there are also sad love stories. People lose their loved ones, or some people are in love with people that don’t deserve their love… but it is simply like that, it is life.

Mitsuko is a young girl who is madly in love with Hitoshi. They both believed in their love for few years, especially Mitsuko, but somehow things went wrong. It seems that their love becomes ‘colder,’ like Hitoshi is losing interest for his girlfriend and he is acting really strange. Looking for a way to explain what has happen between them, Mitsuko finds out that in a temple in the close forest, there is a place where the evil spirit keeps hidden the stolen hearts of the young lovers. Mitsuko believes that getting there will help her bring back her beloved one so she goes there full of hope. Mitsuko arrives at the castle, ready to do everything she can in order to bring back the heart of her great love Hitoshi and bring things back to normal.

Usually it isn’t recommended to mess with someone’s love, the ones that are in love find the way to save their love by their own, but this time we believe that Mitsuko will need some help. Let’s be friends and help this young girl.

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