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Shopping Vacation Shopping Vacation. Thinking about your next tourist stop, you can’t avoid considering visiting a place that looks like a backdrop for a fairy tale. That is probably the best description related to the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium – Bruges. The medieval implications of Bruges’ cobblestone streets direct to numerous historical, architectural and artistic sensations. The whole city gives off an admiration of the past, a love of the present, and enthusiasm for the future because besides its romantic note, Bruges is also a very urban and modern city that will impress the ones that are willing for spending some shopping leisure time.

Those are the reasons why Joan is sent by her editor in Bruges. You may remember Joan, the journalist famous for her grand reportage about the huge snow storm she was stuck in. Now Joan has a far safer mission – to make a research and shot a story about this European city that is the best place for vacation but at the same time the best place for shopping.

Joan likes to catch authentically that mix of the urban and the romantic and show the world what Bruges is offering. She will stay there for a certain period of time that would be enough to get in touch with the local population and their habits but also to take an objective look at the landmarks that mark this place.

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