Shopping Obsession Game

Shopping ObsessionShopping Obsession. I am Sandra, and I am a shopping addict! No, we are just kidding, Sandra is a really nice young woman, a mother of two, who is married to a very famous lawyer. Her husband has a lot of work all the time; he is always working on some complicated case, so he spends his days mostly at work. That’s why he simply can’t afford doing the shopping for necessary things for the family and this task is left to Sandra. However, this is not a problem for Sandra at all because she loves shopping.

She is always willing to go from one shop to another, to see the price and the quality of the products and then to choose smart what she and her family needs. At the moment Sandra is in the city mall and her shopping starts right now. There are five shops that need to be visited today – Shoe Shop, Cake Shop, Jewelry shop, Bags Shop and Makeup Shop, but her budget is limited so she has to think twice before she buys anything. It may seem that this shopping will last very long but that won’t be a problem for Sandra because she enjoys spending her time in the mall.

Now let’s see what is Sandra doing in the mall. If you are shopping lover too, we are quite sure that this game will be very interesting for you since those shops offer really interesting things. Have fun but make sure to remind Sandra that she needs to be careful with that money…

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