Shelter in the Forest Game

Shelter in the Forest Shelter in the Forest. It is definitely that the nature gives a lot of strength and that’s why doing some sports outdoor is most motivating thing to do. Climbing mountains is the queen of sports when it comes about outdoor activities since you breathe amazingly clean air at the same time as you activate the muscles of the whole body, conquering the heights.

The body gets the adequate activity while the mind relaxes so it is a perfect way to stay completely healthy and fit at the same time. We can’t forget to mention that this sport also asks for proper preparation since it is beautiful but little bit risky at the same time. The condition of the body should be on a certain higher level, to be able to take the challenges, but also the terrain should be known or at least to have some equipment that will always show your location and the goal…

In the following game we will meet one amateur mountain climber that has decided to get deep in the forest in order to find the shortest route to the top of the mountain. He believes that he is in a great shape but his inexperience makes him loose his way, so now he is completely lost in the woods. Fortunately, he finds out an abandoned mountain house that serves the shepherds to take some rest during the summer, while they graze the sheep. The young man shelters in the house and he decides to spend the night there, and in the morning, he will continue looking for the right route.

Shelter in the Forest is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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