Shelter from the Storm

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Shelter from the StormShelter from the Storm. Having a house in the mountains is in truth a great thing. Every time you like to take a rest, to spend a weekend or the holidays, this house is something that gives peace and happiness. From one side, it is a great opportunity to spend some time with the family while on other side, you could breath the fresh air, walk on the mountains, enjoy the peace and relax, away from the city jam and all that rush that characterizes our everyday life.

One family has a mountain house in the highest place of the last mountain village. That place is a real paradise since it is positioned very high in the mountain where the air is amazingly fresh, but also it is very quiet and noises that you hear there are the rustles of the trees and leaves, the local river, the birds… Today they have decided to spend the day walking through the mountain, to train a little bit their legs and breathe the wonderful air. The weather was just fine when they started their walk but just after half hour, dark and heavy clouds appeared on the sky and strong wind started to blow.

They know the terrain but the weather becomes terrible. It is so obvious that some storm will come so they have to find a shelter to spend their time there, until the storm ends. In those situation people should stay calm but the circumstances are as they are, so panic starts to rule the situation and all members of the family rush to get to the house, hoping that they will get there before the storm starts.

Shelter from the Storm is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.