Shadows of the Swamp Game

Shadows of the Swamp Shadows of the Swamp. Heather is visiting her grandfather. Her grandfather lives in the south part of the country, near the big swamp. It is about a very interesting region and Heather was quite excited about her visit but when she came to the place, something unusual started to happen. She is at the house for few days already and every night she is having some strange dreams, something that doesn’t leave her still.

She can’t explain the whole situation for sure but she believes that there are some ghosts in the swamp that are responsible for her nightmares. According to her opinion, everything points to that but she needs some evidences so she could be more assured.

This night Heather is prepared to stay awake the whole night. Her intention is to search the whole surrounding of the lake and see if she could really find some ghosts. Maybe her intuition is telling her the truth but also there is always a possibility that she is wrong. Let’s help this girl with her scary mission and help her fall asleep faster this night, without having any troubles and nightmares.

Shadows of the Swamp is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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