Shadows of the Past Game

Shadows of the Past Shadows of the Past. Yes, you can think that you can bury something that has happened, leave it behind and forget about it after some period of time, as it never happened, but is it really like that? That goes mostly for some bad things, people often like to release themselves from the guilt by forgetting their bad act, but it doesn’t go like that in real life, that’s for sure. It could be that no one knows about your dark secret but what about your conscience? That is something more powerful than every reproach that you could get from someone, sometimes even more powerful than a real punishment Our character here carries big quilt on his conscience.

First he wasn’t aware of that because he tried to forget about one terrible thing that he did and he tried to justify himself for that, thinking that it was necessary but was it worth enough? One year ago our friend stole a gemstone from a museum and it sold it for money. He thought that this could be a great chance to become rich in a minute and get rid of all his problems so he took the risk and he succeed. But the last year he is having terrible nightmares every night he tries to sleep and he must do something to get rid of the shadows of the past. Perhaps stealing the gemstone again and bringing it back to the museum could make the things easier?

Shadows of the Past is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

Play Shadows of the Past Game

Now instructions for playing and you may start. You observe the scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it to select it. You could also play the game on the touchpad of the laptop, using your fingers instead. Finishing your task fast will give you a lot of points and chance for a bigger score.