Seek and Destroy Game

Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy. Owning an apartment in the south part of Spain could be very nice because every year numerous tourists visit this place, enjoying the beauties of this country. No matter where people are settled for they vacation, they usually travel a lot through Andalusia and near places, visiting Granada, Seville, Malaga, Cadiz… There are many landmarks that need to be seen like but people also enjoy the wonderful beaches as well…

And all of that makes the apartment of Evans family to be full every year. They own an apartment exactly in the south part of Spain and during the whole year this place is rented for tourists. This might seem as easy job since you get money for someone’s stay but there are many tricky parts in it. For example, you can’t predict how your next guests will be. Some of them are very polite, with good manures and they take care for the apartment as it is theirs while other leave the place in a real mess just because it’s not theirs, so they think that they could do what they want.

Some of the visitors have very strange habit, when they are leaving from the place, they leave some of their stuff that are not useful for them anymore, just like that and they open a lot of work for the Evans family. At the end of the season they have to bring back the apartment in the right order but also they have a task to find the left stuff and destroy them, since they don’t belong to the apartment.

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