Secret Treehouse Game

Secret Treehouse Secret Treehouse. Most of us have a secret, some of those secrets are nice and they warm our hearts when we recall about them while other secrets are dark and they make us feel certain heaviness in our hearts. Peggy also has a secret and her secret is clear as teardrop, something very warmly and innocent, something wonderful… Every weekend Peggy visits secretly a place located deep into the woods. No, it is not an affair but it’s a wooden house! This house was built by Peggy’s father when she was still very young so it keeps numerous beautiful memories, reminding her of some past times that are now exchanges with many responsibilities in life and so many everyday worries.

Peggy goes to this tree house very often and no one knows about it. She hides her secret very well and keeps this place as her own escape, a place where she finds her inner peace, a place where she can be completely own, without no one disturbing her on any possible way. And it’s not just about her friends that don’t know about the place. It seems that no one knows about it since it is hidden really deep into the woods, near to a wonderful small river so it’s very hard to find it, if you haven’t been there before.

Peggy recalls her memories about her childhood mostly by finding certain objects that belong to her childhood, something that she used when she was very young… Let’s follow Peggy and see what is hiding in this house.

Secret Treehouse is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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