Secret Of Antela Island

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Game Details

Secret Of Antela IslandSecret Of Antela Island. No, we don’t believe that you have heard about the island called Antela. It is about a very interesting place, a wonderful island located at the Pacific Ocean, but very, very small. Besides the exceptional nature, the place hides one secret, actually a mysterious legend related about a certain fortune hidden at that place. The island may be small, but the fortune hidden there is quite big and if the place was more famous, the treasure would have been stolen many years ago. But also there is another thin related with the legend. Is not that no one knows about the treasure.

There have been few expeditions there, trying to follow the clues of the treasure but everyone that went to the island never came back… That’s why only few people visited the place except its natives. It is quite sure that the natives know the secret but would someone share a secret about a great treasure?!

Amadahy is a girl who is native in Antela and perhaps she will tell you the great secret, but we can’t promise you that… You will play as a member of another expedition who likes to explore the island on a little bit different way. He meets Amadahy and he wants to walk through the island with her and to discover what has happen to all expeditions before, why they didn’t come back home and why no one hasn’t found the treasure yet.

Secret Of Antela Island is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.