Secret Observatory Game

Secret Observatory Secret Observatory. As we all know astronomical observatories or to be more precise, the ground based observatories. They are specific buildings that are located on a specific locations on the surface of Earth. These buildings are precisely designed to make observations on a certain planet, moon or other parts of the galaxy.

Long time ago, at this exact place there was an observatory used by the government. It is said that this observatory had the most sophisticated equipment in it at that period. As the years passed, this observatory was closed as well as replaced by better ones in other locations.

Today this place is used as a place for entertaining children. It is well known as the Kukamanga summer camp. Some of the children in the camp. Discovered some old documents about the observatory. Which lead them to an adventure of finding the entrance of the observatory room that remained a secret all these years. Help the children to find the room. And see the telescope that was used for discovering new planets in the past. So enjoy and have fun.

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