Secret Guardians

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Game Details

Secret GuardiansSecret Guardians. Deep inside the mountains there is one old abandoned castle. It is not sure from when it dates since it is located in the most hidden point of the massive area, almost unreachable so a whole expedition of archaeologists and art-historians could hardly get there. But that doesn’t mean that the place is not reachable for the locals. Since it is so well hidden, they don’t care about the possible arrest or something because the police would need a lot of, a lot of time to reach there, if they manage to reach there at all, and they would be gone long before that for sure. But there is another ‘but’ in this story. The castle is abandoned and the locals are quite sure that no one lives there but actually none of those robberies was successful.

Yes, people went there many times but they never come back with something, like someone is guarding that place. The rumors say that it is about some secret guardians but no one has seen them, and no one knows how they look like… This is quite strange story, we have to admit, and no one did succeed to clear it, except if you have the courage to take that step and search the whole place…

The game-play is located in the old castle and each level is a different room from the castle. You will be collecting some clues from every room and we hope that you will find those secret guardians too, so the great mystery will be revealed once for all. Be prepared of everything, someone may be watching you all the time, but who is that?!

Secret Guardians is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.