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Secret Backyard

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Secret BackyardSecret Backyard. Ana uses any occasion she has to visit her aunt who lives in a peaceful suburb at the end of the street. Ana’s aunt is a great fan of wonderful yards. And her yard, off course, is one of the best looking in the neighborhood and further. Ana enjoys the time she spends in her relative’s garden. She tries to spend as much time she can in her aunt’s garden. That is the sweetest and most secret place that she wants to visit.

Secret Backyard. Ana doesn’t live very far away from her aunt Kathy. Ana’s everyday life is full of obligations – she is a very dedicated Medicine student, sings in the City choir. She is a member of the local mountain climbing society. With one word, she breathes life with full lungs and she doesn’t want to miss anything. Ana loves adventure and excitements that nature and people with similar interests give her. But, sometimes, that kind of life can be too fast and looks for a lot of energy. When Ana tired from all of her obligations, than she simply wants to runaway, not so far from her parents’ house. She goes for a cup of tea and nice talking with her aunt Kathy, who lives few streets away from Ana.

Kathy’s garden has anything that a nature lover person would want. First of all, it is very quite, it has all the beautiful colors someone could imagine. Because there is no flower known in the area that Ana’a aunt doesn’t grow. She has nice and comfortable sitting set where a lot of her friend come almost every day. No one can resist Kathy’s hospitality, tasty cocktails she makes and delicious cookies that give the garden the smell of some nice french pastry shop. Now, you understand why Kathy’s backyard is the hideaway place for Ana. Enter her world and you will enjoy, too.