Searching for the Cure Game

Searching for the Cure Searching for the Cure. We have seen this in the movies so many times but we have not witness something like that, if we don’t assume that HIV, swine flu or bird flu for example are viruses released intentionally in order to control the population and make big profits out of it… But let’s not go into these spheres and focus just on this terrible tragedy that has swept through the city of Sedora. It was few months ago when this unknown virus started spreading in the city and it has forced the inhabitants to leave their homes and look for a shelter in some other place where it is safe for them and their families.

Poor people felt hopelessly, like homeless people who do not own a roof over their heads… However, after few months finally there is a cure against the virus in sights but there is still one ingredient missing, an ingredient that could be found somewhere at the university. It is not for sure but this ingredient should be the answer to the troubles of the people of Sedora, just that someone has to find it. Young Thall was the only one who was brave enough to apply as a volunteer that is willing to find the bottle with the ingredient and save the city from the deadly virus.

Let’s wish Thaill luck and help him find the ingredient that will save the whole city and perhaps the whole human population, assuming that this virus is spreading around quite fast.

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