Searching for Heropolis

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Searching for HeropolisSearching for Heropolis. We may heard of Atlántida or Troy, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only places that have disappeared from the earth because of certain historical or natural catastrophes. Actually there are many places buried by the veil of the time that passes and Heropolis is one of them. According to the mythology, Heropolis was a place where all people that lived there had certain powers. That was something like a small town which was a secret base of super heroes. The place where they actually live and face with their everyday life. Doing their everyday activities while they also had that other life, consisted of fighting with the villains.

The mythology also claims that those people have seized a great amount of gold and they were keeping that old hidden in their town. However, one night something terrible happened. A very strong earthquake has hit Herolopis. The epicenter of the earthquake was exactly there and the whole town has disappeared deep under the sea. That was a big tragedy because there are no clues that witness about this town. We simply can’t know something about this strange civilization of super heroes.

On the other hand, the archeologists always live in hope. That’s how they’ve chosen their profession – hoping that they manage to find lost civilizations, lost objects that belonged to the past. Evelin is exactly that kind of a person, an archeologist that has dedicated many years of her life in finding the exact location of the lost city of Heropolis.

She truly believes that she will find the town and here’s where her search begins.

Searching for Heropolis is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.