Scottish Will Game

Scottish Will Scottish Will. So, let us ask you what do you know about Scotland? We guess that you know that it is a part on the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Perhaps you also know that the famous Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region of Scotland with historical importance and a low population density and in Scotland are included over 700 islands. But in case that you are not from Scotland, or you haven’t visit it in some occasion, you definitely don’t know much about its culture, about the people who live there…but just imagine that you are in this strange situation when you find out that you have a certain heritage from your grandfather from Scotland and you have to visit this country in order to see what do you have there… Well that is the plot of today’s game so let’s start the adventure.

Mary, Sarah and Joseph are your distant relatives from Scotland. As we mentioned before, your grandfather from Scotland has left you a certain heritage so now you are in Scotland, visiting your relatives there for the first time. Your relatives want to present you all the beauties of this region, with the Scottish culture and the place your grandfather has left you, his property. However, they have chosen a way to make your stay there very interesting, so each one of them will give you a task that you need to complete.

It won’t be a complicated task, just that when you finish all those tasks that you’re given, you will meet closer with your relatives and everything that is typical for this amazing region. Just follow Mary, Sarah and Joseph and your adventure may begin.

Scottish Will is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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