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Saving the MountainSaving the Mountain. Modern society is cruel. Money and big interests have changed the worlds image, everything is subordinated by the capitalism and the big influences. Nature is forgotten, human rights are not important, people’s environment can stand aside, human relationships, not to mention. Fortunately, there still are people that don’t give up easily and fight the best way to defeat the businessmen that don’t care about destroying things. Sometimes that optimism can win, unfortunately – not all the time. And then, you hear about some beautiful and unique mountain that had various vegetation, how it is struggling for its’ existence, just because some rich fellows have decided they liked the view very much and built some spa center or some ski resort. It is good to bring life to such places and attract tourists, but one has to be very sure what is the best place for that to be done having the concern that it will not make bigger damage than bring benefit to more people.

Saving the Mountain. Amy is girl that lives nearby Hobont mountain. She has spent her whole childhood nearby this mountain. She had wonderful, peaceful childhood with reddish healthy cheeks and lot of happiness. But, that picture has faded today. Twenty years latter, her favorite place is under hostage of merciless people that don’t care about it, but only want to benefit out of it. Twenty years later, something bad is happening to the mountain. The real beauty has began to loose the fight with the big companies that have began to cut the trees very often and very harshly.

They even began to destroy the little villas that people have built. Amy decides to start action that could safe the mountain from complete decimation. She needs to find her collaborators so she could achieve the mission. This is a good task, isn’t it?