Sacred Elements Water Game

Sacred Elements Water Sacred Elements Water. Welcome to the second part of the serial called Sacred Elements. It wasn’t that nearly so and that’s why we are going to explain you what is it about. The first part was named Earth while this one is Water, so in front of you there is another amazing adventure, waiting to be experienced. First meet Irina. She is a member of the thrive Caddo, a protector of balance in nature. This time Irina has a new mission which is quite serious and affects a lot of people, so that’s why she has to react fast. One big company wants to build a huge hydropower station near where her tribe lives. That would mean a huge natural catastrophe – dislocating rivers and building channels, which will definitely affect the environment and the living space of the tribe.

Which is most frightening, they will dip the local villages, including the one where her tribe lives so people will have to dislocate from this place to another, building new accommodations. Another frightening aspect of this whole story is that the natural balance will be destroyed; there is no chance that this could pass without affecting the complete harmony of the nature and some they the nature may ask to take its part and act unpredictably.

Irina is seriously concerned about what is happening here and she realizes that there are few steps that need to be taken in order to prevent things going further but since it is about a quite serious thing, she would need some help in order to save the nature and her tribe.

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