Sacred Elements Earth Game

Sacred Elements - Earth Sacred Elements – Earth. Meet Irina. She is a young girl that lives deep in the forest. You may be wondering how could someone manage to live under those circumstances, but she is not alone, there is a whole tribe living there. They may not have fancy cars, huge TV-s, internet and things like that but they have something that is far more precious than that, something that is crucial for the whole humanity – keeping the balance of the Earth. Yes, you heard well. We may think that we are masters of the universe but the nature and the earth have their own system that has to be kept in balance in order to continue their existence.

Some time ago, everything was perfect, everything was in a perfect harmony, but as mention above, those ‘urban’ people who like to rule everything, started ‘conquering’ the place. No, they didn’t have weapons or similar, but they started digging around the place, looking for ore, minerals, even diamonds… That’s how they dig up the sacred element ‘Kroninkon’. The thing with this element is that it has to be brought back on its place because it is one the four basic elements needed for making balance between good and evil in the world. If the Sacred Element doesn’t come back to its place, something terrible will happen to the earth – huge storms followed by floods and powerful earthquakes.

Irina likes to take things in her own hands, to find the precious stone and bring it to her tribe, to the place where it belongs.

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