Runaway Princess Game

Runaway Princess Runaway Princess. Well, there can’t be anything good about arranged marriages. Perhaps the parents could be somehow happy since they have chosen in-laws that suit them most but is that the point of marriage?! Usually that goes in the royal families who like to expand their kingdom by marrying two powerful families, or someone that likes to send his child into wealthier family or some other similar illogical explanations but however, sometimes it was part of the tradition and it is still in some places in the world. And while the parents arrange those marriages, the chances for the young to find a person that suits them, on this way, are definitely minor.

Young princess Fiona is just one of them. Her father has arranged her marriage with the famous Duke but Fiona is completely in love in a poor peasant named John. This is one of the worst scenarios ever since the father has given a promise to some man and he definitely doesn’t plan to break up that promise, especially not for some poor guy that his daughter likes to marry. That’s why Fiona decides to run away from the royal palace and seek for her own happiness.

When the king find out, he becomes very angry but also scared about his daughter so he sends a chase after her, right away. They have to find her and bring her home in the palace. You are also part of this group so look carefully in order to find the young princess.

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