Room with a Past Game

Room with a past Room with a past Game: You may think that a room is just a room but what about the memories that are related with that room? You could live in one place for a certain period of time and you may think that it is just a room. And nothing relates you to that room in case that you leave it and you decide to move into another place. But what about the memories that relate you to that place? Maybe we are talking about the room where you have spent your childhood. And that room could be turned into a living room for some other people for example. Which means that your stuff isn’t there anymore but that doesn’t mean that you could erase all your memories about that place.

Or maybe the living room where you’ve spent incredible moments with your family. And now you are living on some other place in the world spending your time in some totally different environment. The following game includes one room of that kind that brings a lot of memories for a certain person. A room with a past that talks a lot for the person that has live there in some other time period.

Room with a past Game is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

Play Room with a Past Game

The game is played with the mouse or on the touchpad of the laptop, depending from your priorities. You observe the scene looking for those objects and once you spot one of them, you point at it with the mouse or your finger and you simply click at it with e left mouse button or you tap with your finger to select it and that's it.