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Room ServiceRoom Service. Each of us have a work of our dreams, something we think that would suit the best to us. Very often it is more important the road we walk to get to that work, than the working post we are going to get. And, things doesn’t fall from the sky. We need to work hard to achieve what we want. Some of us choose the easier way, others the harder, but the decent way is the best way, actually. It turns very often, when we fight for something that we love and we honestly love it, we will arrive to the point, to the place we want to be.

Today’s practice is full with exercises, seminars, improvements of our skills. So that one can be better and better in his/her own profession. The world of technology is teaching us that we must never stop learning, because the new era looks for new knowledge all the time.

We have this example in our new game. Panorama Hotel has one of the best teams ever. Judith, Irene and David are employees of this very popular hotel. Our player is the new candidate for work and has to pass the tests that the more experienced employees have prepared, off course, if he passes successfully the tests.

He would be prepared for work in this prestigious hotel. Judith is a manager, Irene is a cleaner, and David is a skilled workman. Each of them gives tasks to the player that are from their own profession. And they have worked in the hotel for twenty years and such tests are not new to them. Our player must have at least a small knowledge from each segment of the hotel’s work, if he or she wants so badly to be part of this hotel of the dreams.

Room Service is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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