Romance at the Farm Game

Romance at the Farm Romance at the Farm. Victoria is a girl that lives on the farm. She loves her life there, especially with her man Jonathan who is the love of her life and she spends wonderful time with him. Her love has left her two weeks ago, going with the other men from the village to the big market that is located in the central part of the state. They need to buy some agricultural products from the market and that’s why they went so far.

Victoria has felt really alone without Jonathan. They have never been apart for that long so now she misses him a lot. However, this night Jonathan should come back from the long trip. Victoria likes to surprise him making him his favorite meal and taking care of the farm. She likes to make it look perfect, everything to be in the best order so Jonathan could feel wonderful in his home.

Even though she has always taken care of the farm, she likes now to make it even better, to be perfect. It goes same for Jonathan’s favorite meal. Victoria will be really thankful if you help her make everything all right, so it is time for you too to start working together and make the place as it deserves to be, ‘a home sweet home.’

Romance at the Farm is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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