Rocky Lake Camping

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Rocky Lake CampingRocky Lake Camping. There are people who like to spend their free time doing something relaxing but safe but also there are people who like always to do something new, and not that predictable. Ellen is definitely one of those persons that always like to see and do something new. That’s why she has chosen camping as her hobby and since she adores doing it, she uses every chance to go camping in some new exciting place.

This weekend she has chosen to go camping at the Rocky Lake. She has heard that it is a very beautiful place and the lake is amazing but she has never been there until now. However, this weekend is a great chance to see the lake and check out if it is really that wonderful.

There is another interesting thing about Ellen and that is that she always like to collect something from the places she has visited. Since the places are new and unknown, it is really easy to find something new which means that this lake will open many chances for finding a lot of new souvenirs.

Rocky Lake Camping is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.