River Valley Game

River Valley River Valley. Many years ago, the River Valley was famous as the cleanest river in the country. The river passes through wonderful landscapes with amazing nature so the whole valley was something that was worth seeing and spending time there. And that was the reason why so many people started to come to this place on a picnic.

The river is near; the valley is offering numerous opportunities for having a great leisure time so people used all holidays and free time to spend it here. That’s how this valley has turned into a picnic area out of amazing untouched nature. And to go on a picnic there is great but the unconscious citizens started to leave their garbage all around the place which influenced at the purity of the river, it is not as it was years ago…

However, the local population of the river valley likes to bring the old shine to the valley so they have decided not to waste time and clean the place up. They have thought how to provide their project and realized that with collecting the garbage they make the municipal fund richer. By doing that, they will be able to build new objects that will be used as resorts with aim to revive tourism, but to take it on a higher level, making everyone conscious that ecology is something that is very important for all of us. Let’s see how the citizens of the river valley got organized in order to save the place.

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