Rita’s Halloween Party Game

Rita's Halloween Party Rita’s Halloween Party. Rita loves Halloween very much. She is really excited about this holiday and every year she is making a party in her home. It’s not just the day. It’s more about finding a reason to make a great party and gather together all friends, but also to get new friends. Rita loves parties and a Halloween party is something more than a regular party because all things that need to be done before the actual party are full of creativity and she loves doing things like that very, very much. Besides a new costume every year, Rita makes sure her home to be arranged in that manner, including numerous small details that bring the spirit of Halloween.

This year, like every other year for Halloween, Rita organizes her traditional party in the yard of her home. She has invited all of her friends and the only condition to get there is to be properly disguised and for this year she has decided everyone to be dressed in a scary costume which means that the scariest party in the town will be in Rita’s home.

Rita is ready with her costume, just that she has to make the final preparations in the home, before his year’s party starts. You may also take part of Rita’s party but first of all let’s help the host finish the preparations and organize the best party yet.

Rita’s Halloween Party is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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