Right on Time

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Game Details

Right on TimeRight on Time. Being a traveling salesman asks for a lot of commitment since you have to be almost every day in a different place. And yes, travelling is one part of this job while the other important thing is that you always have to be prepared for communication and negotiation, acting like you are completely adapted to the situation, which makes this job very intense and challenging.

The following game is exactly about one traveling salesman. This man is invited to take a part in this conference that takes place in the neighboring town. He decides to take a train, he knows the schedule and everything, he is on the train station right on time but the train is late few hours. The train comes on the station and he takes it, and after some period of time our traveling salesman is in the neighboring town. There was an agreement that the people that have organized the conference will send someone to meet him but there was no one at the station – of course, he was few hours late.

Now it is time for him to find his hotel and get on the conference right on time but for that he will need a little help from you. Search all the situations and help him get on time.

Right on Time is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.