Riddles of Rome Game

Riddles of RomeRiddles of Rome. Meet Pomona. She is a goddess of fruitful abundance in antique Roman religion and myth and her name comes from the Latin word pomum, which means ‘fruit’, specifically orchard fruit. She was thought to be a wood nymph and she scorned the love of the woodland gods Silvanus and Picus, but married Vertumnus after he tricked her, disguised as an old woman. Pomona looks after and protects fruit trees, also taking cares for their cultivation. She was not in fact related with the harvest of fruits itself, but with the flourishing of the fruit trees.

Now you will actually meet Pomona who is also a protector of the city of Rome. Besides the fruits Pomona also takes care of the people that enter into the city, she actually decides who can do that. Every new person that comes in front of the city doors has to answer few riddles given by Pomina in order to get there. If he manages to answer correctly he moves on in the city but if he doesn’t do that, he has to knock again on the city doors and ask for another chance.

This interesting game includes pictures of Rome that you will really enjoy but also it is a ‘guess’ type of a game which means that after you pass certain level, you have to guess a riddle as well, choosing from the three offered answers. In case that you don’t manage to do that, you have to play the level once again and then move on.

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