Return to Treasure Island Game

Return to Treasure Island Return to Treasure Island. The heroes of this adventure are called Noela and Max. At the beginning you can choose which of the heroes to accompany you on this great adventure. By choosing one of these two characters, you will gain the role to be the assistant to the leader of the expedition.

Noela and Max love this island. They used to come here a year ago. However, their previous adventure ended bad because they were caught by a group of pirates and removed from the island. This group of pirates usually comes to the island after a long sailing on the sea. Because of this, our heroes want to explore the island even more. Today, they arrived hoping that they won’t fail their research again. These two adventurers have a lot of experience since the last time, however, they also use maps in order to speed things up and avoid the bad pirates. The island is filled with various plants and animals. Beside these things, there is something hidden that is even more valuable. Deep into the jungle there are hidden treasures that contain gold, jewels and many other riches from all over the world.

Our adventurers scouted the whole area and made a list of everything worth taking with them. The day has come to an end. You could hear the pirates talking in the distance. Noela and Max took part of the treasure and are now going back to their camp. Their next expedition will begin with the next sunrise.

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