Rescuing Dorothy Game

Rescuing Dorothy Rescuing Dorothy. Living a wealthy life is probably good in general. You have enough money to buy everything that you want, to live on a nice place in a big and comfortable house, to have a fast and expensive car, to travel a lot all around the world and many similar things. But on the other hand there are many risky things that are related to being rich. Always there could be someone that may like to steal that treasure or even make something worse that could threaten the safety of the members of the family.

Dorothy’s father is a quite wealthy man. Everything was all right with him and his family until one day when he was coming back from home and he realized that something is wrong with the door of their apartment. He enters into his daughter’s room and he finds a letter where someone is asking for million euros for ransom for his daughter Dorothy. No matter how rich he is, he doesn’t have that amount of money, simply it is not possible to get them so fast so he decides to take the challenge and make something really risky.

He doesn’t tell anyone about the kidnapping and he decides to enter into a huge adventure by himself, trying to find and save his daughter Dorothy. This is something extremely dangerous but there isn’t such a thing that a parent could do, to rescue the child.

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