Rescue Squad Game

Rescue Squad Rescue Squad. Looking for an adrenaline and new adventure, people choose to travel to numerous strange and not that known locations. And that is somehow ok, how could we learn new things and see new places if we visit the same places all the time, or just those places that are promoted by the travel agencies. On the other hand, it could be rather dangerous when we are traveling arranged on our own. We could not know for sure if certain place is safe or not, how big are the chances for getting into trouble and many similar issues.

A group of tourists has chosen to travel to the region of the Freiser Mountains. It is about a very wonderful national park. Maybe is not that well known but it could definitely stand shoulder to shoulder to any other tourist attraction.

This group of tourists wanted to visit this exotic place but no one in the group knew that precisely the area so after a while they lost themselves in the mountain. And yes, the panic started. People were wondering if someone could help them, what to do, where to go… After some time team of professionals came at the place. Daniel is part of this team and he is willing to help the people escape from there, even if he is putting his life into danger.

Rescue Squad is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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