Repairman Matt Game

Repairman Matt Repairman Matt. Repairman, the term explains all – a man that repairs things, different kinds of things – machines, appliances, everything! In our case we have Matt who works as a superintendent in one building so he has to take care about everything that is happening there. He manages to keep the building in perfect order but unexpectedly the building’s elevator has broken down. Now he is called by the inhabitants of the building, to take care of the problem as soon as he can because it is about a quite high building and not all of them are able to walk up and down by foot.

Matt is at the place, together with his tools, and first thing he should do is to figure out where is the actual problem, what has lead to this failure. In order to discover that, Matt has to explore all the rooms around the elevator that are related to it somehow (the electricity, the cables…) and then start fixing it. Here is when you playing starts actually. Together with Matt you will go from one room to another, looking for the thing that has made the defect. Each room is actually different level of the game, and in every level you get a list of ten hidden objects that need to be found in that picture. There are 5 levels in total and only by finding all objects you could move into the next level.

Now don’t waste your time because people are waiting for your help, just help Matt repair the things as soon as you can.

Repairman Matt is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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