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Railway Service Railway Service. Traveling by train could be very interesting. Perhaps some of us are accustomed to traveling by car or prefer planes, preferring the comfort that this kind of transport offers but on the other hand train transport should not be underestimated because even if it may not be that fast, it could be a real enjoyment for the ones that like calm drive and enjoying wonderful nature. Since trains travel usually out of populated areas, the sights are incredible – endless plains and meadows, vegetation, fields, flowers…maybe some local animal. Those wonderful sights are something that can’t be seen for most of us in our everyday life and that’s why sometimes in is not that important to get somewhere as fast as possible, but it is more important to relax a bit and enjoy those wonderful things.

And troubles could happen everywhere and no matter which way of transport we choose. Those three passengers have chosen to travel by train because of the previously mentioned reasons but something unpleasant has happen to them. Each one of them has lost a piece of their baggage, some personal item. Here is the part when you take your role and you try helping those guys. You play as a railway employee, as a one that works in the ‘Lost and found department’ department. We all wish that there is no need for this kind of a department but everything happens when we are on the road, including things like this so it is better to have someone whose job is to take care of the lost or potentially stolen objects.

Your task in the game includes searching through five different locations and looking for the lost objects. The challenge that stands before you is to find all the objects because only that way you will be able to unlock the bonus game that waits for you.

Railway Service is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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