Queen of Midnight Game

Queen of MidnightQueen of Midnight. Wanda is the witch that was a part of a society of evil witches. She appears every night on midnight and poses fear for all that have wandered in this woods. Wanda wants to join the society of good witches, but in order to be accepted she’ll have to accomplish the following 3 tasks. I’m happy that I finally found someone that isn’t scared of me. I will need your help to successfully accomplish all the tasks that were given to me by the good witches. Let’s start! We’ve completed the first mission successfully, the items I found are now handed to the good witches.

Now I need to deliver the rest of the items. Let’s continue looking for the items that the good witches are looking for. I must complete all the tasks successfully, this is my only chance. You are of great help, without you I couldn’t have succeeded finding all the items. I feel that I will succeed in my mission.

This will be one of the more difficult tasks. The following items are well hidden all over the place. Please look around carefully. I thought that we wouldn’t succeed, but you are really great at discovering hidden items. Thank you, without I would have never succeeded to join the good witches.

Queen of Midnight is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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