Purple Spring Game

Purple Spring Purple Spring. Colors and life experience, those things even if are not related directly, many times come as an association for certain happenings. Maybe we don’t remember all details about something that we have seen in our life but we remember the whole atmosphere about it, colored in certain color, in certain mood, some kind of an impressionistic memory that has stayed in our had, shaped by the things that has happen. That’s why perhaps no one has heard about purple spring but the purple color is something that dominated in this small village we are talking about in the following game.

It seemed that every spring the nature took that purple color, like some kind of a coat and hide itself under this amazing shadow. At least it was like that for Clarence, the girl that is a main character in the following game. She saw every spring in purple, because of the nature but maybe because of the feelings that she guided in that period, and we are talking about love!

In this romantic game you will meet Clarence. She comes from a small village but she doesn’t live there for 10 years. However, every spring she comes to that village, remembering all the beautiful things that she has spent there. The village has this amazing purple color in spring and it is so nice to be there during this period of the year. On the other hand, this spring there was something else as well that woke up certain feelings that were sleeping all those 10 years. Again she met Edward, the guy she was in love with 10 years ago. Suddenly Clarence felt in love once again…

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