Pumpkin Spell

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Pumpkin SpellPumpkin Spell. Halloween is one of the most interesting holidays for children and for adults, as well. Everybody enjoys in the magic of putting the masks on, being someone you are not, acting like someone you would love to be. It is not small the number of the countries that celebrate this eve. But nevertheless, it is the most popular in the United States of America. It is actually celebrated on 31 October.

With this feast, people are remembering the dead. As it happens very often in the Western world, this holiday as well is pretty commercialized. But however, it is nice when people are celebrating something nice. Halloween is famous for its different festivities – like costume parties, carving pumpkins, divination games, visiting haunted locations etc. It is very important not to forget to be good all the year. But especially don’t forget to be kind with people that are not that lucky in their lives and don’t have enough support and love around them.

Pumpkin Spell. Knowing that this holiday is knocking at the door in only few days, for today’s game we offer you this topics. Jack and Raven are young parents that have always been very attentive to their children. They prepare surprises for the Halloween very often to their children, but to the homeless children that live on the street or are left alone.

For this year they decided to hide all the chocolates and bonbons in an old abandoned house nearby the city graveyard. Our player is neighbor to Jack and Raven and together with them and with the children of the street. They leave into pursuit of the Halloween gifts in the scary house.

Pumpkin Spell is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.