Princess Favorite Place Game

Princess Favorite Place Princess Favorite Place. Many times people feel best on some places where they have spent their childhood. It doesn’t matter if the place was really the best place in the world, what is matter that we felt safe there and made numerous interesting memories that make us happy when we are all grownup and somewhere faraway.

Princess Gwen for example, always felt best in the small castle at the south of the Kingdom. There, she used to spend the best days of her childhood, playing all around the wonderful place. Every corner of the castle hides a new memory for Gwen, something that is dear for her and really precious because it will never come back… However, the king, knowing that Princes Gwenn likes this castle the most, decides to give her exactly that castle as a present. Still, there is one condition that has to be met – to renovate the place and bring it the old shine.

Now Princess Gwen has a full arms with work. First she should do, is to clean the whole place from the old things and change them with new ones. What actually makes this game quite interesting is that with every passed level you get a certain amount of money. This money should be used for renovating of the castle so you better be careful while you collect them because more money would mean more possibilities for nice new furniture. Now it is time to make a little walk all through the castle and go through Princess Gwen’s memories.

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