Prince of Twilight Game

Prince of Twilight Prince of Twilight Game: Prince Dracula is definitely one of the most famous characters that we have met in the fantasy stories. The mystic that this person is filled with inspires a lot of authors to actually create new stories. Not to be understood badly, this count actually existed in Transylvania in the 15th century. And off course, he wasn’t the person completely the same as we can see him in the movies. Because those are just stories.

This count lived in the famous castle Bran that today is a touristic attraction in Romania. In Prince of Twilight Game we are introducing you not directly to the count Dracula, but to one of his ex wives. Vampire Hesperia is ex wife of the count Dracula or as they call him the Prince of twilight.

She has arrived in Dracula’s castle with her friends Cynthia and Nicholas wanting to find her personal belongings that have being left in the castle. She wants to take the treasure that she has brought in here in the time while she was Dracula’s wife. Now, it is your time to help this lady take back the things she loves. So enjoy and have fun in playing Prince of Twilight Game.

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