Precious Sculptures Game

Precious Sculptures Precious Sculptures. People may think that they rule the world. We think that we organize the planet by building objects on the places we want, by turning forests into railways and similar things and we often forget that the nature is more powerful than us. Natural catastrophes are something that always seems to ‘surprise’ people even when experts explain that people’s irresponsible behavior is a reason for certain happening. No matter how foppish we are, that can’t change the fact that the nature follows its own rhythm and those changes happen without our permission which is actually normal, just that we think that we could be masters of everything…

On the other hand it is fact that natural catastrophes are real catastrophes for the humanity. They destroy homes, they destroy monuments, even whole cultures. It was really terrible for the famous art collector Frederick when a terrible earthquake hit the area where he lives.

There have been few hours since the earthquake and Frederick still can’t find the small sculptures that he kept in his home. Those sculptures are all his life and they have inestimable value because they are unique. He has been travel a lot all around the world for those sculptures and they are something that no one else in the world has and witness for the existence and the work of many famous artists that worked many years ago.

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