Precious Little Angel

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Game Details

Precious Little AngelPrecious Little Angel. We have to admit that today big things are on price! No, that is not a good thing since it’s somehow pointless but we can’t deny that the consumerism makes us buy big cars, big houses, bigger telephones, and so on, aiming for a bigger prestige that day by day, we could possibly forget about sweet little things in life that could really make us happy. A nice gesture, a simple smile, no reason hug and similar things could really warm our hearts and make us happy.

Then a card from the loved ones that are on vacation somewhere far, a pen with special dedication that you use every day, or some other small and tiny object, given with a lot of love and good intentions.

In this game it is about a precious little angel, really small but very significant angel. No, it’s not a fancy car or a huge LCD television, just a small angel that has made this knight to pass so many kilometers in order to find it. The action of this game is set in medieval ages. This brave knight finds out that this precious statue with a form of a little angel is in one abandoned royal castle, so he takes a long journey to get to that place and find the angel. Help this brave knight search the castle and find the objects that are hiding there, including the tiny angel.

Precious Little Angel is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.