Polar Star

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Polar StarPolar Star. Well it is almost sure that most of us haven’t seen an aurora. It is a happening sometimes referred to as a polar light, actually a natural light display in the sky, in the main seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions.

Usually this light appears once a year at the Antarctic region and since it’s quite unusual sight. People relate so many different believing to it, trying to explain it, and at the same time giving it importance. The locals believe that actually Aurora is a form used by the spirits of the ancestors; they use this form in order to show up and make a contact with the living creatures. There is no evidence about this but the legend about it spreads all over the world, including other myths about it. One of those myths is about the diamond known as Polar star. It’s about a very notorious diamond but no one knows exactly why it’s like that. What secret hides this diamond that could be found supposedly at the Antarctic.

Miriam on the other hand is a very curious girl. Her curiosity has turned her into a big adventurer, leading her to different parts in the world, always searching for mysteries. Or let’s say more precisely, this girl has become so obsessed with the mysteries that she decided to visit even the Antarctic. Looking for that specific diamond known as the Polar Star. Many people have heard and are interested about it but the difference is that Miriam was willing to travel miles and miles. Just to get to it and check out if her believes are real; is this diamond really at the Antarctic?! She believes that this diamond exists but what about those rumors, is this diamond that threatening?!

Polar Star is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.