Pirates Forgotten Treasure Game

Pirates Forgotten Treasure Pirates Forgotten Treasure. William is a pirate that has been operating over the seas for many years looking for treasures. He, together with his crew, kept their treasures at one hidden place in the woods but also one part of it kept in their boat that was actually their house because they spend so much time there. But something bad happen two years ago. William was cruising the sea like always, together with his companions when a terrible storm came. He remembers that it was very difficult to escape because everything around him was breaking and he cant remember anything more because he lost his conciseness and when we woke up, he was laying on the coast alone and it was a real luck that those two men came by, to help him go to the hospital.

After two years William feels better from the accident and he decides to take a trip and look for some pieces of the broken boat and maybe something that has left from the treasure. He believes that if he searches long enough, he will find many things but lets see what will happen. The last thing you are supposed to do is to check out the instructions for playing and we start looking for the treasure.

Pirates Forgotten Treasure is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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