Pirate Treasure Cove Game

Pirate Treasure Cove Pirate Treasure Cove. Pirates used to look for hidden places, usually on the islands, where they could hide their loot. As you have probably heard, they sometimes buried their treasures in so well hidden places that it simply becomes impossible to find that place after some time has passed. Perhaps they also made maps for the place but they wanted those maps not to be so obvious and after some time, they forget those places, leaving the treasures buried for good.

There is a rumor that the pirates have buried some treasure in one small cove. There are some maps that spread around about that place but no one has succeed to find it – perhaps it is so well hidden or the symbols on the map are fake or misinterpreted. A young sailor named Joshua had a dream since he was very young, to find pirate’s treasure. Even if we live in modern a time, that was the urge that inspired him to become a sailor at first, so now he is preparing for the greatest adventure in his life.

Help Joshua fulfill his dream, by finding the hidden objects in the game that will lead you from one level to another. You have to find all items that are hidden in a level, to pass that level and get to the end of the game.

Pirate Treasure Cove is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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