Pierre’s Cafe Game

Pierre's Cafe Pierre’s Cafe. Those cafe’s in Paris are famous all around the world. There are even people that are prepared to travel to Paris, just to have a coffee and enjoy the wonderful environment that Paris offers. Some people enjoy shopping and love Champs-elysees most, other like to be near to the Eiffel Tower, some like arts and visit Louvre, others with similar interests are more into Montmartre where they walk see the vineyards and the paintings…but all of them don’t forget to take a break and enjoy some coffee in the local cafes. We all agree that Paris has an incredible magic and makes us want visit it again and again. That’s why it is one of the most popular touristic attractions in the world.

Pierre is an owner of a wonderful cafe in the center of Paris. Actually it is an honor to have such a place, a place that attracts so many tourists. However, Pierre is a person that always takes care everything to be in a perfect order in his place. Having a perfect style which is very important in France but also his cafe is located in a great place. Actually numerous tourists visit the place because from his terrace they could see the most wonderful sights in Paris – the famous Eiffel Tower.

Still, having so famous place is a very responsible job. Since so many people come to visit it all the time, sometimes it happens that there is a terrible rush, not for the visitors but for Pierre and the employees. They rush in order to serve each of the costumers and many times they could use some help. This time you will play in a role or an assistant in the famous cafe. You have three different tasks that need to be completed, so you could help Pierre serve the costumers.

Pierre’s Cafe is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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