Picnic Day Game

Picnic Day Picnic Day. There are people that love the winter, for the snow on the mountains and in their yards, some even hate it because of the low temperatures that make us cozy, wrinkled and cramped. Winter sometimes can make us lazy to move, to act and it seems normal, especially if one lives where the mercury goes mightily beyond the zero. And we are all somehow waiting for the first signs of the most adorable season in the year, if you live in an all season areas. The end of winter is coming soon. The first heralds of the spring are already coming. Snowdrops have arrived, the trees started blooming.

The sun is again our best friend, it is here to play with us longer in the day. And, we come out of our winter shelters and feel the need of absolution of our spirits. Suddenly we get more ideas about what can we do in our spare time, we want to go more outside, to the close mountain or maybe lake side and spend more time in out there, depending on how honest we have remained concerning all the technologies that bother our mind and attention. And if you have a nice place, a cottage near a lovely lake, then you consider yourself a happy person. That is the right place to feel liberated. Feel only the music that the goddess nature creates and enjoy that will all the senses. That is priceless!

The heroes of our game for today are in such a nice mood. Nearby a small town the nature herself has created small lake and represents a real beauty and pleasure to be visited. Due to that, Valerie and her closest friends decided from this weekend on to use one day to visit that incredible place and to enjoy the sun. They travel by car and are having extremely fun time during the travel and the place which is their arriving spot. Enjoy the time out there!

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