Pearl of Destiny

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Game Details

Pearl of DestinyPearl of Destiny. Deep down in the Atlantic ocean… That’s where a group of adventurist divers plans to go, hoping that they will find the mysterious Pearl’s Town. The Atlantic is quite deep but those fellows are quite prepared for that since they are all professionals, but still it is about a very risky move…

Those divers have some clues about the lost city so they are starting a mission to find the most precious pearl in the world, known as the pearl of the destiny. Rumors about this pearl say that this pearl has the power to foretell the destiny if you are looking at it so it is about something very unique and mighty. But however, we are talking about the Atlantic and aside from its magnificence and of course, the pearl, this ocean hides many hazards like the famous Bermuda triangle, believed to be the site of numerous aviation and shipping incidents, then the icebergs, the hurricanes… Those divers are prepared to stay in the depth as long as it’s necessary in order to find the pearl…

And maybe those guys are not thinking so clear but that’s why we are here, to speed up their job a little. They will be diving and collecting some clues in the depth and you could take a part in the adventure by helping them find the clues, including the pearl. Each level is a different part of the ocean and when you find all clues there, you move into the next one, until you complete the whole game.

Pearl of Destiny is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.